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Dr. Jenica Sorban

Dr. Jenica Sorban has recently joined Sorrento Chiropractic Wellness Centre Ltd. in January 2014. She grew up spending her summers on the Shuswap and appreciating the beauty of the area. She loved the area so much she decided to move from the West Coast and start practice here.

Sorrento Chiropractor, Dr. Jenica Sorban

Dr. Jenica Sorban

Choosing Chiropractic as a Career Path

Dr. Sorban was fortunate to witness and experience chiropractic benefits at a young age, both personally and within her family. She is very active and appreciates what the human body is capable of. During high school she had an issue preventing her from doing the activities she enjoyed training for. Her chiropractor, and mentor, guided her at that time, allowing her to complete some of her most memorable athletic achievements. Then later on, with the suggestion from her chiropractor, she attended chiropractic college instead of the sports medical path she was leaning towards. She always knew her purpose was to help people and what better way than with preventative natural chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Techniques

A Love for Travel

Another passion of Dr. Sorban’s is travel so she decided to combine her chiropractic education with an opportunity to experience a new country. She completed her degree at RMIT in Melbourne Australia. Not only did she get excellent quality education but it also opened the door for her to work in neighboring New Zealand, which she did for three years following graduation. She is currently studying with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and enjoying a new aspect of her career, working with pregnant moms, their babies and their families.

Away from the Office

Outside of the office her lifestyle is very active. Running, cycling, paddling, horseback riding and yoga generally fill her free time. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, the most important things in her life.

The Key to Good Health

Chiropractic adjustments are just part of leading a healthy lifestyle. She has her spine checked weekly and also focuses on a life full of exercise, good diet and low stress (physical, chemical and emotional). Balance is the key to good health and that’s what she tries and shares with the loved ones around her. She avoids medication as they interfere with the body’s ability to heal itself, instead turning to homeopathic remedies or other natural support on occasion. She believes that emotional stress is the greatest contributor to poor health and making sure to balance this personally by yoga, meditation, exercise and having fun.

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